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Explore our selection of blog posts and articles about wellness, moving, senior living options, and more.

The Art (and Science) of Senior Living: Technology + Neuroarchitecture
Corso’s campus is centered around soon-to-be bustling courtyards, promoting social engagement and a physically and mentally active lifetstyle. Innovative Technology Blends Neoclassical with Neuroartchitecture 
Counting Down to Corso
Construction is 95% complete and we are 1 to 2 months from applying for our Certificate of Occupancy (CO). Following CO, we will apply
Senior Tech Corner: Limiting Distractions from Your Smartphone (Part 1)
These days, many people worry that we’re spending too much time staring at the tiny screens of our smartphones. There’s no doubt that too
Can Memory Care Help You or Your Loved One?
It’s no secret that dementia is one of the most difficult conditions to deal with. An Alzheimer’s (or any other memory-related cognitive disease) diagnosis
Fun Activities to Do with Your Grandchildren
Being a grandparent and having the opportunity to spend time with your grandchildren is such a great gift.  There is nothing better for your
The Value of Community Among Seniors
As we get older, various circumstances often align to make us spend more time alone. Friends and family move or pass away, we lose