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Senior at Village Park talks about gratitude
Let Gratitude be the Attitude
April 26, 2022
Let gratitude be your attitude. Do we realize how fortunate we are to have been born in the United States? Do we ever feel
The Videography Prodigy
April 14, 2022
Jeremy Paredes is a name to remember. His talent for visual storytelling exceeds standard video production and is being noticed by established organizations across
Couple sitting on park bench
Understanding Geriatric Depression
April 5, 2022
Understanding Geriatric Depression Declining mental health in seniors is a common problem. Wellness Director, Eunice Beyan, shares valuable information on recognizing signs of depression,
Best Practices for Seniors Managing Stress
March 29, 2022
Life comes with more stressors than we can count. We are regularly faced with challenges, tough decisions, and curveballs. Navigating the unpredictability of day-to-day
10 Simple Ways To Hack Healthy Home Cooking
March 22, 2022
Introduction Cooking can often get a bad rep when there are so many ways to get meals delivered directly to your door lately, but
The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Eating On The Grill
March 16, 2022
Introduction How often do you grill? If you love grilling, then you probably already know that it’s a great way to cook food without
“Make a splash with water fitness”
March 9, 2022
Are you ready to take the plunge and try a new fitness activity? How about water exercise? Also known as aquatics, water exercise is
Tips for Seniors to Stay Healthy Year-Round
February 23, 2022
There have been countless endeavors to prevent aging. People worldwide are engrossed in finding the secret key to remaining healthy, from searching for the
Pressure Points: 3 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure
February 22, 2022
Millions of people are dealing with the effects of high blood pressure or hypertension. A few signs that may indicate increased blood pressure are