Communicating through Memory Loss

March 26, 2021

When someone you know is facing memory issues it can be hard to understand how to communicate with them. It’s best to always speak respectfully and kindly. At Corso Atlanta we have researched several ways to help you cross that barrier. Our award winning memory care programs have assisted in promoting dignified living and cognitive function. Here are five tips that will be able to help you speak to anyone with memory issues and provide them with more dignity.

  • The Environment

It is important to be mindful of the environment surrounding you and your loved one. When spending time with someone who is suffering from memory loss, it’s best to limit background noise. This can help limit distractions which will help hold their attention and maintain their focus. If your loved one loses focus, you can try bringing them back by making eye contact and identifying yourself.

  • Upbeat Tone and Reassurance

It can be difficult to see someone suffering from memory loss but remaining upbeat is very important. They will be looking to you for reassurance that everything is okay. Your tone has the ability to encourage them. There may be times you need to gently change the conversation, however, a calming tone will often be reciprocated.

  • Distract or Redirect 

If the person you’re speaking to can’t remember something, distract them or redirect the conversation. Try asking a simple question or try inviting the person outside of the area where they had the forgetful moment. A gentle hand or the use of physical touch also has the potential to soothe a person who is suffering from memory loss.

  • Simplify Your Speech 

When speaking, do your best to speak simply. Talk slowly and clearly so it’s easily received. It is normal that you may end up repeating yourself. By simplifying your speech, the person you are speaking with will be able to easily follow the flow of conversation.

  • Exercise Patience

Caring for someone with memory issues can sometimes be emotionally and physically draining. Remember to stay patient and refrain from correcting your loved one. Correcting somebody who is already struggling with memory issues can lead to more frustration between you and your loved one. Try to let the person with memory loss speak for themselves, even if you have the words for them.


It may be feeling overwhelming to care for somebody who has memory loss, but by utilizing these five tips, communication has the potential to flourish. At Corso Atlanta we are here to assist you and your family members in need of memory support. Our award winning memory care programs offer dignified living spaces and workshops to help those you love. Learn more about our communities and the services we offer by giving us a call at (404)891-9190. We look forward to hearing from you.

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