Introducing Fynn

September 27, 2022

Fynn, envisioned and developed by Galerie Living, brings innovative technology solutions to support and promote health, offering data management and information sharing platforms for caregivers, community operators, residents and resident families. Driven by a focus on information and homogenous design, Fynn aims to revolutionize the application and benefits of technology in the senior living industry.

Galerie Living Founder and CEO, Tim Gary envisioned systems in place in the Village Park and Corso communities that talked to each other to support and streamline the work of staff and enhance the overall experience of residents within communities. There were technology platforms from third parties that offered support for patient well-being, community performance, daily activities and team member workloads – but each had their own specialty and the platforms often did not communicate with each other. With different systems, getting those tools and that information in the hands of community operators, caregivers, residents would be clunky and inconsistent. Tim and his team wanted those systems to work hand-in-hand. There was a need for a customized in-house solution: enter Fynn.

Fynn differentiates itself by being a “one-stop-shop.” The Fynn team took the various tools that existed in third parties and brought them into one platform. Within a single, intuitive ecosystem, Fynn’s systems monitor asset performance for stakeholders, offer a portal for caregivers to monitor residents’ daily activities, manage team member workloads, and build an informative dialogue between caregivers, residents and their family members. 

For residents, Fynn provides a platform for collecting data on activities and general health throughout their communities. One of the main goals is to develop systems that promote seniors’ activities of daily living (ADLs). For seniors who may need various levels of daily living support, to caregivers performing certain tasks, managing the “who, what, when, and where” can be difficult, especially as senior living communities are expanding. With the senior population growing faster than ever, creating efficiency in the monitoring and support of ADL’s is an important issue.

Fynn aims to achieve this through a process known as load balancing. Load balancing efficiently spreads out the work of caregivers and team members. One caregiver may work with a handful of residents, so making sure schedules don’t overlap and that each caregiver’s  workload is planned out is extremely important. Fynn’s focus on gathering and proactively using  information to support all levels of care is key.  


Galerie Living’s COO, Kari Samuelson, had this to say about Fynn’s place in Galerie’s communities:


“If we can recognize the work that our employees are engaging in and the level of that effort and then help load balance that work, that makes a big difference for how happy caregivers are.”


This improves the wellbeing of team members who can then have workloads that are designed to be more efficient, and it improves the quality of care for residents because their schedules are optimally aligned.

Fynn’s information systems work behind the scenes to inform the workloads of team members, but also acts to inform community members directly. With information consolidated into one ecosystem, everyone can stay in the loop. Caregivers can monitor how residents participate in social events, family members see how their loved ones are doing through the family portal, and residents have better insights into their schedules and daily activities.


“Really it’s empowering them to have more access to their own information,” Kari says. “They know they’re scheduled for these things at these times, and that’s really important.”


Outside of blanketed data consolidation, Fynn also utilizes data analytics to promote proactive strategies. Creating strategies for senior living communities can be challenging, especially for communities looking to expand. Fynn’s emphasis on data analysis aims to support that important work. Systems that can see through the mass influx of information and provide useful takeaways for caregivers is pivotal. Fynn’s technology represents a unique and powerful support platform in senior living innovation.

By 2030, over 71 million Americans will be over the age of 65. With the population aging and the need for senior living communities expanding, promoting proactive and innovative solutions in the senior living space is a critical need. Fynn shares Galerie Living’s emphasis on dignity, both for residents and caregivers. By informing stakeholders, supporting caregivers, and offering residents access to more meaningful information, Fynn seeks to set a new standard for senior living technology.

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