Legends & Legacies: Don “Bull” Bosseler

April 20, 2023

  Renowned football veteran and current Corso Atlanta resident, Don Bosseler carries a history of incredible success, both on and off the field. In the 1950s, Don was seen as the face of the University of Miami football program. Now, he’s seen as one of the greatest football players in the history of the sport.

Don had played football throughout his youth, but when he joined the Miami Hurricanes in 1953, his competitiveness and drive carried him distances he had yet seen. He grew to be an impressive fullback, and his presence on the field helped bring about the team’s 8-1-1 record in his senior year. That presence also got the attention of the Associated Press which named him All-American, a title reserved for only the most exceptional athletes.

After graduating, Don was the 8th overall pick in the 1957 NFL draft. He was the Washington Redskins’ first pick, and he went on to play with them for eight years and became an All-Pro with the team. He and his wife speak highly of this time, remembering how thrilling and rewarding it was for them.

Don recalls that decades later, as the internet first emerged, he was voted by fans and peers as the greatest fullback to ever play for the Redskins, over what was at the time, nearly 70 years of history.

His list of accolades doesn’t stop there. Don’s room in Corso Atlanta is filled with plaques, awards, and memorabilia, reminders of his hard work and dedication to the sport. As he moves through his home, he’s taken back to those days on the field and can feel proud of the fulfilling life he’s led.

At 87 years old, Don still hasn’t let go of his athletic roots.

“He still trains with a really great trainer, Bradford Bailey, here at Corso,” His wife Marcia explains. “He’s helped us a lot. Don boxes now and he walks with the group twice a week.”

His contributions to the NFL continue to inspire and influence the generations that follow. Fellow former Washington Redskins player Champ Bailey recently came to Corso Atlanta to meet the man who preceded him.

Don’s surrounded by support and opportunities to grow stronger and more connected to those around him. It’s not so unlike his time on those football teams, pushing himself and his community in the face of challenges and striving for greatness every day. For Don “Bull” Bosseler, success is found ten yards at a time.

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