Smart Cellphone Strategies

May 26, 2021

The world is constantly growing and changing. One of the most prominent advances in today’s society is the information age, also referred to as the computer age. Historians suggest in the past decade there has been more forward trajectory in technology worldwide than there has ever been before. Between smart televisions, watches, and most popularly cell phones; it can be difficult to keep up with the vastly growing tech world. Here are a few simple tips on how to navigate the smartphone universe.


Selecting the right device

With over 3 billion smartphones in the United States according to Statista, it is easy to become overwhelmed when looking for the right device for you. There are countless options provided when shopping online or in stores. Based on current research, the best cell phones for seniors are determined based on ease of use, cost, and amenities. For efficiency, consider devices that are simple to unlock or move between screens. Those who are concerned about affordability can select devices that offer service plans with talk, text, and data packages specific to your personal usage needs. There are also many amenities that can narrow down the optimal device that is unique to you. These services may be enlarged screens or dial assist to make your phone more compatible with your day to day routine.


Customizing settings

Multiple functions, apps, and personalization features are available on smart phones for your convenience. These provide an astounding array of opportunities for accessibility for seniors. Some of the customizable features that can be extremely beneficial are medication reminders, enlarged text, simplified menus, and enhanced volume. Setting up user-friendly features in advance provides a world of difference and simplicity when operating your smartphone.


Cyber security

Safety is one of the most important considerations when choosing the perfect smartphone. Protecting your device can be simple when you take these few proactive steps. Make sure to secure personal data, avoid opening unsolicited emails, set up passwords, and use security apps such as “find-my-iPhone” upon getting started with your new device. A few more safety precautions available on your smartphone that can be handy are GPS tracking, Emergency contacts, and Alert systems.


MarketWatch recently reported that “senior use of mobile devices is doubling each year and they are now the fastest-growing segment of smartphone users.” There are several services available to make your smartphone usage stress-free, enjoyable, and secure. Want to stay in the know? At Corso Atlanta, we offer technology education as well as an abundance of opportunities for our residents to learn and advance. To explore more about the continuing education we provide, contact us at 404-891-9190.

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