Summer Heat and Keeping Cool

August 24, 2022

An Interview with Samantha Thomas, LPN

Summers are bringing in the extra heat. Although warm weather can be a delight, it can also be dangerous. Village Park Milton’s Wellness Director, Samantha Thomas, LPN, is an expert on how to prevent heat exhaustion and other heat related illnesses. Here are her top five tips: 



Your body loses water through sweat and evaporation, so proper hydration is vital. In the morning, drink a glass of water at room temperature and continue to drink water throughout the day. Room temperature water is better than cold water because cold water can be known to tighten muscles. 


If you don’t enjoy drinking water, then dress it up! Samantha suggests infusing your water with various fruits and herbs such as lemons or mint. You can also add it to a fancy glass to give yourself an elevated experience. Herbal Tea and infused water is a good alternative to room temperature water.


Protecting Skin and Eyes

Our eyes are sensitive and the best way to protect them from the sun is with a cool pair of sunglasses. Protect your skin through sunblock, no matter your skin color. A lack of sunblock can lead to burns, peeling, and skin cancer. Dermatologists recommend using sunblock with an SPF of at least 30.


Dress Appropriately

Dressing appropriately does not always mean a tank top and shorts, it means taking into account plans for the day, and dressing for success. When going out in direct sunlight wear lightweight long sleeve tops to cover upper limbs and wear linen pants to cover lower limbs. Completing the outfit with a hat is a great way to look fashionable while covering the eyes, nose, chin, and ears, which are most prone to sunburn on fragile skin.


Know Your Medication

Before going outside, know what medications you’re taking and how they impact your body. Some medications require people to avoid direct sunlight because it can increase the potency of the medication or hinder the efficacy of the medication. 


Know Yourself 

Pay attention to your body because it will give you a sign if something is not right. If you begin to feel drowsy, go indoors and take time to rest, as this can be the first sign of a heatstroke. Additional signs of heatstroke include lightheadedness, heavy limbs, difficulty comprehending, and difficulty speaking. 


The best way to enjoy the sun and prevent heat stroke or other heat related illnesses is to take breaks when needed, remain hydrated and remember to always plan ahead. Remember to consult your doctor for more information on how you can take care of your body.

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